LS Plant Breeding

LS Plant Breeding Ltd was founded in the UK on the 1st July 2005 by NPZ Lembke of Germany and Serasem of France and was a reflection of a co-operation between these two international breeding companies which goes back for more than 50 years.

Whilst these company names may be unfamiliar to some, their varieties have enjoyed considerable success in the UK by agents, most notably Twyford Seeds. In 1996 following the sale of Twyford Seeds and the formation of CPB Twyford, NPZ Lembke and Serasem became minority shareholders and took a more active role in the UK development of their material. In 2005 they decided to sell their shares and invest directly into a joint breeding operation, and LS Plant breeding Ltd was born.

Operating initially from temporary premises on the old PBI site at Trumpington whilst new premises were sought, LSPB also took on the testing and trialing of other breeding programs from the two shareholders covering all the major combinable crops. Twelve months later trials were drilled at the new location at Chivers’ farm followed shortly thereafter on the completion of new offices and store, by the relocation of all staff.

Up to date offices are now matched to purpose built workrooms and show a culmination of the close collaboration and joint investment between NPZ Lembke, Serasem and Chivers Farms.

Current Position
LS Plant Breeding Ltd is now 100% owned by NPZ Lembke after Serasem were purchased by RAGT. As part of the strategic plan by LS Plant Breeding, Ebbage Seeds were employed as the marketing agents for future oilseed rape and pulse material.


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