Growing Contracts

Growing Contracts

Ebbage Seeds are the principle developer of new varieties for entry into the UK seed market, working closely with leading UK and European plant breeders. We require large blocked areas for C2 production of cereals and pulses, on clean ground – single break only for cereals. We also have a requirement for double break land for high grade production of cereals and wide isolation distances for high-grade bean multiplication, winter and spring. Growers experienced in low seed-rate drilling are also of interest.

Developing varieties on a national basis requires large and small tonnages strategically located to service key customers in the most efficient manner.

  • 30-1000 tonnes of a single variety and grade
  • Rapid movement of multiple loads – quick loading beneficial
  • Regular analysis of tonnage at no cost to grower to monitor moisture and germination – particularly spring varieties

We have a range of pricing structures available to suit most farming enterprises and are always open to alternative proposals where necessary. Specialist production situations will merit unique terms as required.

  • Some opportunity to forward fix base price once crop is established, where markets allow
  • Commitment to take an agreed percentage of the crop at an agreed premium
  • Opportunity to spread risk with malting and milling varieties

Should growers wish to investigate opportunity for seed production on their farm, please contact the Seeds Contracts & Technical Manager at the number above.